Eddie Seal is a son of the South. Born in Alabama, raised between Tennessee and his hometown, Corpus Christi, Texas.

What do you get when you hire Eddie Seal?   A photographer who'll make it work.

Whether it's your wedding day--that special day which you'll want to remember forever--or a breaking news assignment with the right angle at the right time, Eddie Seal puts his heart into his work.

Eddie is a University of Texas grad who studied under the legendary photographer Garry Winogrand and has developed a body of work that stretches from Delta bluesman Furry Lewis and the Ramones to Kinky Friedman and spans decades of South Texas point of view.

He's the second of three sons in a family  who found Corpus Christi one day in 1963.   Oldest brother Mark writes for Vanity Fair.  Younger brother Bernard caters some of the best food south of Dallas.

Eddie Seal honors the family name with his work so that your family, your business, your livelihood, will enjoy the same success and respect that follows his own.